Activities to Support the AHPB Foundation

The AHPB Foundation is dedicated to funding research and education opportunities so our colleagues can directly impact HPB diseases. By participating in or sponsoring our activities during the AHPBA Annual Meeting you are supporting:

      • International Outreach Grants allowing South, Central and Latin American members to attend the Annual Meeting.
      • Annual Research Grants working toward treatment and surgery innovations.
        See the Research Grants in action!
      • Traveling Fellowship Grants for U.S. Fellows traveling abroad.
        Read about the 2014 award recipients' experiences!
      • Lecturer Honorarium to bring leading-edge speakers to the Annual Meeting.
      • Humanitarian projects providing access to HPB care.

AHPB Foundation
Congratulations to the participants of the first annual AHPBF Fund Run!


AHPB Foundation at Work

The outreach and impact of the AHPB Foundation can be seen throughout the world. Here are vivid examples of ways our donors and grant recipients are advancing HPB worldwide.

Dr. Gazi Zibari has lead trips to the Kurdish Region of Iraq for AHPB Foundation humanitarian medical outreach work in conjunction with Operation Hope, World Surgical Foundation and ICS. This video chronicles the work and impact Dr. Zibari is making in the in the region.

Video production by: Roger Lindley, Ragtown Media

Drs. Zibari, Chu, Bhullar and Dong traveled to Managua, Nicaragua as part of the AHPBA outreach program. They performed three liver resection cases, brought supplies and gave lectures to the faculty of Hospital Escular. The lectures concentrated on management of pancreatic cancer and liver cancer and were part of a three workshop series on Tumores Hepaticobiliopancreatico y Transplante. The group felt will continue the conversation and outreach to Nicaragua due to the need for established surgical programs. Dr. Sergio Lopez hosted the group and was very gracious and eager to continue the exchange program.

Candidate: Lucas McCormack
Destination: Toronto General Hospital, Canada

I had the opportunity to visit the multi-disciplinary HPB and Liver Transplant Program at Toronto General Hospital in Toronto, Canada. I observed “from inside” how a first class HPB unit works in a multidisciplinary manner and exports excellent surgeons all over the world. It was incredibly rewarding to discuss common issues regarding how to improve patient care and education in HPB and transplantation. This was a wonderful experience, and made me sure we should further develop our HPB & Transplant fellowship in Argentina. I encourage donors to keep supporting the AHPBA Foundation programs to improve patient care and medical expertise in the HPB field.


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